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Getting Started With Classy Nail Files..

Our glamorous, yet durable hand-painted and colored crystal glass nail files are the gifts that give the finish of a lifetime, for a lifetime. These best-sellers are perfect for your gift shop or spa counter.

Our European crystal files feature a filing surface etched permanently in the glass for superior longevity and performance. The crystal is tempered and hardened, making it 74% stronger than ordinary glass and unlike the "knock-offs" on the market. Files are double-sided, easily sterilized, and give a superior finish on natural and artificial nails. We carry a full line of vibrant colors
and hand-painted designs. Our artists constantly seek exciting new designs.

Boost your counter sales with Classy Nail Files and order today!

We give you excellent customer service, a convenient online ordering system, and a beautiful range of products and gift sets to choose from in a variety of display configurations.

About Our Ordering System...

To get started with Classy Nails, we first need to establish that you are a legitimate business owner with a Tax ID to qualify for our competitive wholesale discounts. This is to keep a level playing field and protect your business from unfair competition.
Once we've established your Tax ID, we then assign special privileges to you as a user of our ONLINE STORE, where you will be able to order individual SKU in wholesale quantities with discount, or special reseller displays and packages we've created for you.

First, let's get you AUTHORIZED!

Option 1. Download/or open this Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF ClassyResellerAuthorization.pdf, which will work as a fillable form, and a SAVABLE form if you are using Acrobat Reader versions 7 or 8. (For best results, upgrade your Acrobat Reader now by visiting: form has a SUBMIT button that will allow you to send it directly to us, even if you can't save it.

You may also PRINT the form and FAX to: 616.825.5909

NEXT: Enter the ONLINE store and "SIGN UP" as if you are a regular customer. As soon as we receive your TAX ID #, we will authorize your account to receive wholesale pricing. The public will never see your pricing; your discount will be calculated at checkout but only upon entering your User ID and Password.

Option 2. FAST-TRACK your signup online by instead signing up online and immediately calling us ( 800.833.3655 ) or sending an email to: giving your Business Name TAX ID number that associates with the information in your cart profile.

In each case, we will notify you be email that you are authorized as a reseller. Please note that the "automatic welcome" issued by the cart is NOT the individualized authorization notice you will receive from us.


1. When you use your User ID and Password at the BEGINNING of a visit to our ONLINE store, you will see the WHOLESALE and quantity discount go into effect for your order at checkout.

2. YOUR MINIMUM ORDER IS $100 to enjoy keystone wholesale discounts. If your order total is less than $100, your order will not be processed at the wholesale rate.

Thank you for selecting Classy Nail Files. We look forward to a smooth, enduring partnership with your boutique or spa!

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