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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What's the actual difference between crystal glass nail files and regular types of files?
A - The difference is all in the finish. Immediately after you use our crystal glass nail files you will notice that the tips of your nails have become very smooth.

Q - What's the best way to remove calloused skin from my feet?
A - Our large size pedicure file is designed especially to remove hardened and calloused skin from your feet. First, soften the skin by soaking your feet in water or using your foot file directly in your bath or shower. Use regularly to maintain soft, supple skin.

Q. I have artificial gel nails. Are Classy files right for me?
A - Indeed, our crystal glass nail files are perfect for use on artificial nails of every type. Simply dip the file repeatedly while filing for best results.

Q - Are Classy crystal glass files gentle enough to use on babies and small children?
A - Yes. The extremely gentle filing surface is deal for use on fragile nails or very soft nails like those on an infant, and will help reduce the nail peeling and tearing that rougher surfaces cause. We do recommend adult supervision if used by children.

Q - Can I use my Crystal File on my pets?
A - Yes. You will want to consider using the thicker Large pedicure size for dog or cat claw sanding. Because our surface is indestructible and easily sterilized, you can handily share your Classy crystal glass file with your pets!

Q - How do I sterilize my files at home?
A - You may sterilize your files in any number of ways, from running them through the dishwasher for cleaning, to scrubbing with antiseptic solution. Please exercise caution, however, if your file is decorated with hand-painted designs or crystals.

Q - Can crystal files break?
A - Like any crystal glass product, your file can break if it falls on a very hard surface or if exposed to excessive pressure. However, because the body is made from tempered glass, which is 74% stronger than regular glass, this possibility is minimized during normal use. Protect your Classy crystal glass nail files in their protective sheaths.



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