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About Classy Nail Files, LLC

Classy Nail Files, LLC was created to bring a vibrant line of durable and unique hand painted and colored crystal glass nail files to consumers, gift stores, spas and beauty product distributors across North America.

Crystal glass nail files are an environmental and innovative coup that garnered the coveted "Prix de L'Innovation H. Pierantoni" in 1999. The dense etching in the highly-tempered glass is very smooth for a delicate finish yet durable for lifetime use. The files are laminate and contaminate free, and offer superior hygiene because they can be easily sterilized and offer no porous surface for absorption of germs. Once a customer has used a Classy Nail File, no other nail file will do.

These facts inspired Classy Nails founder and style maven Lin Dryer to develop a relationship with European manufacturers to bring a fresh line of hand painted designs, styles and superior service to her growing base of customers in North America. European crystal glass makers etch the super-strong body out of tempered glass. Local artists in West Michigan create and paint each hand painted design in the growing collection. Our premium files also feature Swarovski crystals for a glamorous touch.

As a retailer herself, founder Lin knows the value of superior customer service and the importance of a unique and robust supply of high-quality products.

We welcome you to Classy Nail Files, where you'll find superior products, creative designs, and unparalleled personal attention.



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